Poseidon is the god of the sea, horses, and earthquakes.
Many men drowned horses in his honor.
He lived on the ocean floor in a palace made of coral and gems, and drove a chariot pulled by horses. Acient Greeks and Romans thought the sea was a dangerous place. Crashing waves sank their small wooden ships. Sailors became lost in storms. People even told myths about monsters that roamed the seas. In these stories, sea monsters tore apart ships and ate the drowning sailors. Poseidon was the greek god of the sea. In Roman myths, he was called Neptune. People believed Poseidon controlled the crashing waves and the sea monsters. People prayed to him to keep then safe on sea voyages. Myths say that Poseidon angered easily and punished people who made him mad. One story tells of the Greek hero Odysseus and his long journey home to the island of Ithaca. Odysseus angered Poseidon by blinding his son Polyphemus. In revenge, Poseidon raised storms to keep Odysseus from sailing home. Odysseus struggled for 10 years before he could return to Ithaca.

                                                                              Poseidon's underwater palace


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